Values and behaviours

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Culture happens as a result of skills, values and behaviours

The word values is bandied around a lot and is very open to interpretation, as well as values which sometimes, can be a little abstract.

Values are deeply rooted in our own personalities and while we may share a number of them, they’re not particularly useful on their own in a work context.

At Aira, we also talk about the behaviours that make our culture what it is. Behaviours are far more tangible and easier to recognise and action.


In the first four years of Aira, we never defined our values and behaviours or asked people to show them, they’ve developed organically over time and now, they have become part of who we are.

Today, we look for them every day in the team and we look for them in every single person who we hire - which is exactly why at least one of our co-founders is involved in every hiring decision we make,

So, what values and behaviours make Aira what it is?

Let's take a look! decor
  • We give a shit

    • We actually care about clients and each other
    • We give back to the community around us
    • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our work
  • We take ownership

    • We own the work we produce
    • We own our career progression
    • We own problems as well as solutions
  • We don’t settle

    • We reflect on successes and then ask what’s next
    • We are always looking for ways to deliver better work
    • We are always looking for the next step in our career
  • We support each other

    • We have each other’s backs
    • We recognise great work and shout about it
    • We help each other progress and learn more
  • Trust each other

    • We trust each other to get the job done
    • We don’t micromanage
    • We don’t abuse the trust put in us
  • We feedback early and often

    • We welcome feedback from clients and each other
    • We understand that value of timely, candid feedback
    • We take time to feedback to someone in an appropriate way

That covers values and behaviours, what about skills?

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