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Put a war room full of digital PR and SEO pros to work building your authority, brand awareness—and yes, links.

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Like having an entire newsroom dedicated to putting your businesson Google’s front page.

We brought together specialised PR pros and savvy SEOs to help clients get coverage that builds their business—not just links.

Turns out? That combination works. Our clients have been covered in:

There are no ‘boring’ niches.
Just unimaginative agencies.

Go on, flip through a few of our client’s campaigns.
You know you’re curious.

Driving coverage, links and traffic
Quick Backstory:
Launched several content-led digital PR campaigns in the busy job market.

Generated 88 links and 168 pieces of relevant, high-quality coverage.

Drove over 3,000 visitors to the AppJobs website.
Marketing Mix:
Content-led Digital PR & Link Building
88 links
168 pieces of coverage
3,000 visitors
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.
Growth with a multi-service approach
Quick Backstory:
The right combination of SEO, Paid Media and Digital PR

A strong focus on driving candidates to Autotech Recruit
Marketing Mix:
SEO, Paid Media and Digital PR
33% Increase in Organic Traffic
13% Increase in Conversions
Pssst... seen enough? Get in touch.
Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.

Fancy logos. Solid coverage.
But what actually goes into a winning digital PR campaign with Aira?

Hint: a mix of SEO, creativity, persistence—and lots of hard work.

‘What’s the big idea’?

Not every brand can run a 10,000-person study, afford complex interactive designs, or throw an event for the press.

But any brand can be newsworthy.

Give us something to work with, bring an open mind, and we’ll surprise you with what’s possible.

We’re great at finding wildly practical ideas that are compelling, link-worthy, and (more importantly) actually doable.

‘…but will it perform’?

Once we have a solid list of story ideas, we do our best to destroy them. Let the validation begin!

To weed out ideas that won't pull their weight, we consult journalists and review the data.

The ideas that stick are link-worthy, fit the media, click with the audience, and cut through the noise.

‘How do we make sure this gets noticed’?

Strong ideas demand strong execution.

You could spend hours wrangling talented writers, designers, and developers to do the story justice—but we already have on your behalf.

Not only that, but our SEO team works closely with creatives to make sure that content will rank well, too.

‘Who's going to LOVE this’?

This is where our PR roots really shine.

Our team builds a pre-qualified prospect list of journalists, influencers, and outlets, then does everything it takes to make them aware.

We lean into existing relationships, build new ones with personalised pitches, and make sure we protect your brand in the process.

What'd we learn—and what's next’?

Every piece we publish is a learning opportunity that we build on to make the next pieces even better.

From the moment we start promotion, we track performance: coverage, links, leads, traffic, and (where sensible) any correlated impact on sales and revenue.

We learn from the signals your audience is sending to give them more of the content they're keen on.

Here's what only Aira will tell you:

Digital PR might not be right for you.

What’s more important: the results you get from your marketing, or the channels you use?

10/10 sensible people agree: it’s the results.

So if a digital PR agency wasn’t the best investment for your business, wouldn’t you want a partner who’d speak up?

But we can help you find what is.

Aira has experts across every channel collaborating on your account—so we don’t have to force a fit that isn’t there. We start with goals, THEN we choose channels.

You’re gaining a partner willing to say ‘no’— and then show you where the highest returns for _your business_ are based on your situation and goals.

A great process is a good start— but great people make all the difference.

Meet a few of the folks you’ll have in your corner. Imagine—an agency you’ll actually like working with!

Megan Bevis

Digital PR Consultant

Davey Rees

Senior Graphic Designer

Laura Brothers

Senior Content Strategist

Q&A for the curious

Generally, we work best with clients who can invest at least £5,000 a month. That said, the more you have to work with, the faster we can move, and the more we can tackle for you.

Can’t quite reach that far? We’re excellent at helping clients prioritise the spend they have for maximum impact.

Let us know what’s workable for you, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

We can—but it will slow the process down considerably.

We know there’s comfort and confidence in knowing who we’re reaching out to, and on early projects, we’re happy to win your trust by sharing an overview of who we’re targeting on your brand’s behalf.

That said, we work best with brands that trust our track record and allow us to get stuck into outreach with no chains.

Like anything in marketing (and sometimes, life) we cannot guarantee anything.

But there are things we CAN commit to:

  • Working with you to set fair and robust KPIs aligned with your goals,
  • Conducting significant targeted outreach to give each piece the best chance of success, and
  • Checking in often with proactive reports of how we are tracking, what we’re learning, and how it will impact future efforts.

We thrive in situations where we can get in the weeds, understand your audience/offer/sales cycles, and identify multiple unique, on-brand opportunities and angles to go after.

That takes considerable upfront work, and the results only improve with ongoing learning and refinement that comes with really getting to know an audience and industry.

For those reasons, one-offs and test projects don’t work well. We'd recommend a 12-month contract so you can really see the positive results of the activity.

Aira is a one-stop creative content shop! We like to take full ownership of ideation, design, development, and launch (with your feedback and collaboration of course), and see pieces through from start to finish, all under one banner.

We understand the concern—but that's not how we do things. We work best with partners who trust us to do our jobs well.

With over 50 years of PR/outreach experience on our bench, it's safe to say we know how to get past gatekeepers tactfully. And unlike others who blast out templates or aimlessly spam publications, our outreach is personal, targeted, and relationship-based.

Like every agency, capacity changes from quarter to quarter and month to month. We're an agency that makes things happen, and to do that, we know our growth is tied to yours.

We have a usual onboarding time of only a few weeks from contracts—this can sometimes change, but we'll be upfront about it with you.

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet. But our clients play a little jazz.

Getting started is as easy as having a conversation.