How Aira Utilised Paid Search & Social to Generate Rapid Revenue Growth for a Global Health Testing Brand

Quick overview

553% Revenue Increase
935% Sales Volume Increase

Quick overview

Paid Media

Scaling growth via multiple paid media channels

Ensuring a strong ROI by leveraging machine learning

Scaling Conversions and Revenue using Paid Search and Social

Check My Body Health are quickly becoming one of the largest health testing providers in the world and Aira have helped them to get the most out of paid media channels, driving high ROI and sales volume.
Total revenue increase
Increase in sales volume
Increase in return on ad spend

The Approach

We took a full-funnel multi-channel approach to the project, spreading our efforts across Google Ads, Facebook & Pinterest networks.

This allowed us to have multiple touchpoints with users at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Our strategy began with restructuring the Google Ads campaigns so that Check My Body Health took full advantage of Machine Learning. This meant that we could ensure we were bidding optimally based on the individual user’s data signals and in line with business goals. We then scaled the campaigns to maximise revenue whilst maintaining consistent ROAS performance.

Following this, we introduced Facebook dynamic retargeting and prospecting to show users ads for the test most relevant to them. As well as this, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest video campaigns helped to generate demand and further increase sales and revenue.

The Challenge

Check My Body Health came to Aira following a successful Groupon promotion which proved their product viable in a global market. Having seen the potential their brand had to offer, they were looking to establish themselves as a major player in the health testing industry.

They had minimal paid media activity at the time which wasn’t driving substantial revenue for the business. They believed it had more potential and wanted to explore this with Aira.

The Results

Since working with Aira, Check My Body Health have seen exponential growth in revenue whilst maintaining a consistent ROAS.

Month one saw a 95% increase in revenue, followed by a further 96% in month two and 71% in month three. This was achieved whilst exceeding their ROAS target throughout.

The success of paid media has allowed Check My Body Health to invest in other areas of their business including new product development, SEO and web development.

In just 6 months with Aira, we've dominated new channels generating an excellent ROI. We've built a trusted relationship in a very short period of time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aira to other businesses.

Marcus Richardson
Chairman, Check My Body Health

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