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You manage the financial wellbeing of your customers. We’ll take care of yours.

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Finding a marketing partner who knows the finance space?
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You’re experts at managing the finances of your customers, but is your revenue increasing?

The financial landscape is constantly shifting - and so are the challenges of the consumer - but some things never change: leads and revenue need to grow.

Regardless of your go-to-market offering, we’ve got plenty of credit in the bank. Aira has worked extensively with businesses across the financial space, from insurance and auto finance, to investment management and Fintech.

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Not sure where to spend your marketing investment?

These clients yielded strong returns.

We’ve achieved results for leading financial organisations.

We’re an award-winning performance marketing agency with a proven track record of delivering for financial organisations.

An approach based on data, not assumptions

You wouldn't invest money on a hunch, and your marketing spend is no different. Continuously testing and learning ensures your campaigns deliver the best possible results.

A relentless focus on the metrics that matter

We deliver performance marketing strategies that are laser-focused on the KPIs that have the biggest commercial impact —not vanity metrics that don’t provide insight or drive business growth.

Target potential customers across multiple channels

Your customers are searching for finance solutions across multiple devices and platforms. You need a multi-channel strategy to make sure you get in front of them, wherever they are.

Achieving sustained growth requires a dynamic approach

You’re always looking for better ways to secure your customers’ financial futures - work with a partner who’s always innovating their finance marketing approach to help you get more of them in the door.

Whatever your sector…… we’ll shift the balance in your favour



Disruptive Fintech brands require a tried-and-tested marketing strategy.

You’re the Next Big Thing in the Fintech space, and your product is about to revolutionise the finances of consumers across the world… but does your product have the visibility it deserves?

We’ll get your Fintech brand in front of your target audience wherever they are, and develop a performance marketing strategy that drives forward the metrics that matter, whether that’s growing recurring revenue, reducing CPA, increasing CLV or boosting sales volume.

Investment Management & Personal Finance

Investment Management & Personal Finance

Not seeing significant returns from your current marketing strategy? We yield results.

Your customers count on you to effectively manage their investments and personal finances - you can count on us to effectively manage your marketing spend while you grow the total value of your assets under management (AUM).

We have extensive experience of working with leading investment management and personal finance organisations, with a proven track record of delivering success where it matters: revenue and ROI.

Insurance providers

Insurance providers

There’s an excess of marketing agencies claiming to know the insurance market, but marketing partners with genuine expertise in this sector are at a premium.

You help consumers to guard against the worst case scenarios - we’ll help your organisation realise the best case scenario.

We’ve helped leading insurance providers, with a range of product offerings, hit and exceed their marketing and revenue targets. Our tried and tested performance marketing strategies deliver results across multiple channels and are tailored to your specific objectives, such as increasing quote volume and new policy sales.

Want to know if Aira can grow your revenue? You can bank on it.

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How Protectivity Grew New Business 172% with Aira
Quick Backstory:
Improving SERP rankings and search presence

Acquiring more customers organically and boosting revenue

Building authority rapidly
Marketing Mix:
172% Increase in website sales from new customers
59% Increase in organic traffic between 2018 and 2022
5+ years of client-agency partnership
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.

Introducing your finance marketing team

Our performance marketing specialists have a wealth of experience

Charlotte Bassett

Account Manager

Mikala Beattie

Head of Finance

Miranda Clare-Antony

Junior Graphic Designer

Q&A for the curious

You can bank on it, and the proof is in the results we've delivered for leading finance organisations. We've achieved fantastic results for businesses operating in this space for a number of years. Is yours going to be next?

As a finance organisation, you've got a completely unique set of challenges to businesses in other sectors, and this demands a performance marketing agency that is tailored to your objectives. We've got a proven track record in scaling finance organisations, but don't just take our word for it—download out Finance Marketing Credentials Deck to find out more.

Never, because no performance marketing agency can or should make those sorts of promises.

However, we’re an award-winning agency with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for finance organisations. No marketing partner can guarantee results, but you can choose to work with one who will give you the best chance of success.

Effective performance marketing, whether for finance or any other industry, isn’t a set-and-forget strategy, and as an agency we’re not a great fit for clients looking for one-off engagements or short-term campaigns.

We typically recommend 12-month contracts to give us enough time to implement, test and optimise the work we do for you and give us the best chance of success.

The most successful performance marketing campaigns require investment, and we generally work best with organisations that are able to commit to a retainer of at least £5,000 per month.

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