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Your goal is to grow MRR.
That’s ARR specialty.

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Grow MRR. Reduce CAC. Increase LTV.
A relentless focus on the metrics that matter.

As a SaaS organisation your goals are unique, and you’re also dealing with the specific challenges of selling software subscriptions.

You’re focused on growing MRR, reducing CAC and increasing LTV—and you need a marketing partner that knows how to do it.

We’ve successfully implemented bespoke SaaS marketing strategies for prominent software vendors that expands their user base and accelerates revenue growth.

The SaaS market is worth $195billion.
We've helped these vendors grab more of it.

A proven track record

We’ve already produced effective marketing strategies and delivered exceptional results for SaaS vendors.

Test and learn

We don’t believe in setting-and-forgetting marketing strategy. We’ll test and learn over time, to ensure results continually improve.


We don’t chase after vanity metrics like page views or bounce rate—we have a laser-focus on your business goals..

Multi-channel expertise

Aira will identify the best channels and approach to reach your target audience, and help you to get in front of them.

An innovative approach

We don’t just recycle the same tired digital marketing practices. We’re always looking for more efficient and effective ways to grow your user base.

Increase product awareness. Grow your user base.

Supercharge revenue.

Product-led growth

Some of the most successful SaaS brands implement a product-led growth (PLG) strategy, shifting the focus from software sales to user success, with every team laser-focused on this goal.

Work with a partner that attracts users, drives sign ups, identifies power users and converts MQLs into MRR.

Sales-led growth

User experience and success is the focus of successful software vendors, but sales-led growth (SLG) is key to tapping into mid-market and enterprise accounts.

SLG drives new customers through demos and sales conversations. This is most effective when supported by an account-based marketing approach.

Content marketing that ignites your revenue engine

Your target market has challenges to be solved at every step of the buyer’s journey. Your content marketing strategy should solve these challenges.

Our content marketing playbook will increase awareness of your product, acquire new leads and generate millions in pipeline and closed revenue.

Tracking the metrics that matter

Typically, the aim of SaaS marketing is to increase MRR and ARR, grow your customer base while reducing CAC, but you can’t understand what’s working if you’re not tracking the results—so having a clear view of these is essential. Traffic is great, but traffic doesn’t pay the bills.

Want to find out what else SaaS vendors should be doing?

You’re not selling software. You’re selling solutions.

Generate more leads

Generate more leads

SaaS vendors looking to grow require a consistent flow of new, high quality leads.

Grow MQLs, SQLs and pipeline with a multi-channel approach. Increase free trials and demo requests, while also generating leads from gated content offers.

Convert more leads into users

Convert more leads into users

Effective SaaS marketing requires more than simply getting leads in the door—your strategy also needs to push those leads towards becoming paying customers.

Take your prospects from first contact to paying subscribers.

Retain users for longer

Retain users for longer

The most successful SaaS vendors maximise customer lifetime value.

We’ll help you to delight your existing customers and retain them for longer, while also upselling and cross-selling to those users to further increase MRR and ARR.

We don’t just talk a good game. We achieve genuine results for our clients.

Discover how we helped SaaS vendors generate more leads and increase recurring revenues.

How Aira Helped Apteco Improve Their SEO and Increase Organic Leads by 46% After a Website Migration
Quick Backstory:
Reoptimising their new website for SEO after a redesign and migration

Creating more ToFU content to attract leads

Finding an expert partner to help with SEO and PPC
Marketing Mix:
46% Increase in organic leads
72% Increase in MQls YoY
45% Increase in MQLs through paid media YoY
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.
Growing a startup through paid media
Quick Backstory:
The company was looking for a B2B paid media specialist to build a marketing funnel for their new product.

They also wanted a partner who could move quickly and be flexible as the startup grew.
Marketing Mix:
Google Ads, Facebook Ads & LinkedIn Ads
Over 1,000 leads generated
17% over KPI for target lead volume
49% lead-to-MQLs ratio
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.
How Aira Helped Veriff Achieve 88% of their Annual Revenue Target in Just 9 Months
Quick Backstory:
Attracting the ‘right’ organic traffic

Finding a partner who could help them improve their SEO fast
Marketing Mix:
31% Increase in clicks
53% More sessions
2000+ MQLs
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.
A Truly Multi-Channel Paid Media Strategy to Drive HR SaaS Growth
Quick Backstory:
Leveraging multiple paid media channels to drive conversions

Expanding keyword search targeting to Microsoft Advertising

Using Smart Bidding to get more from search traffic
Marketing Mix:
Paid Media
281% Conversion Rate Increase
300% Increase in Conversions
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.
Quick Backstory:
Since starting our work together in March 2018, we’ve seen a 237.3% increase in organic sessions so far. Overall, we’ve also seen goal completions increase by 216.5% since March 2018.
Marketing Mix:
Technical SEO, Content Marketing
237.3% increase in Organic Sessions. 240% increase in Goal Completions.
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Curious about our track record? Check out our credentials deck.

Introducing your SaaS marketing team

Meet some of the experts who will help you to grow your MRR.

Izi Hicks

Client Services & Digital Team Lead

Paddy Moogan

CEO & co-founder

Mike Jeavons

Copy Editor

Q&A for the curious

Yes! We work with businesses across a range of industries, but over the years we’ve realised where we excel, and being a performance marketing agency for SaaS and tech companies is one of them.

As a software vendor you’re dealing with the unique challenges that come with selling software subscriptions, and SaaS marketing demands a unique approach. We have a proven playbook for scaling SaaS organisations, but we’ll also tailor the strategy to your business’ specific requirements.

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Never, because no marketing agency can or should make those sorts of promises.

However, we’re an award-winning agency with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for SaaS vendors. No marketing partner can guarantee results, but you can choose to work with one who will give you the best chance of success.

Effective performance marketing, whether for SaaS vendors or any other industry, isn’t a set-and-forget strategy, and as an agency we’re not a great fit for clients looking for one-off engagements or short-term campaigns.

We typically recommend 12-month contracts to give us enough time to implement, test and optimise the work we do for you and give us the best chance of success.

The most successful performance marketing campaigns require investment, and we generally work best with SaaS vendors that are able to commit to a retainer of at least £5,000 per month.

Getting started is as easy as having a conversation.