13% Increase in Conversions using the Right Combination of SEO & Paid Media

Quick overview

33% Increase in Organic Traffic
13% Increase in Conversions

Quick overview

SEO and Paid Media

The right combination of SEO and Paid Media

A strong focus on driving candidates to Autotech Recruit

Growth with a multi-service approach

Aira has worked with Autotech Recruit since 2017 to help find and engage prospective job candidates. We used a variety of digital channels to do this, including SEO and Paid Media.
Increase in traffic YoY
Increase in overall goal completions
Increase in organic traffic

The Approach

We started with the objective in mind - to generate more job candidates for Autotech Recruit. From here, we decided which channels would be most effective and started with building the right foundations using technical SEO. We expanded to paid media, including search and social, utilising a combination of channels to drive traffic and conversions.

The Challenge

In a competitive recruitment market, Autotech Recruit wasn't just competing with similar sized and specialist recruiters, they were also competing with the larger, mainstream job boards with large marketing teams and budgets. This meant that we needed to make the most of every channel we could and ensure a strong ROI across them all.

The Results

Aira’s work has resulted in an increased amount of leads, whilst reducing the cost per lead. Autotech Recruit has reported that the candidates coming through are of better quality. We saw year on year traffic increase by 50%, whilst goal completions also increased by 13%. Alongside this, our SEO work has helped contribute to an increase of 33% in organic traffic.

We are particularly impressed with the way social campaigns have performed for us, increasing our social presence and delivering an increase in candidate registrations.

Lynsey Steinmetz
Marketing Consultant, Autotech Recruit

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