The State of Link Building Report 2022


Welcome to the State of Link Building 2022 Report from Aira.

Paddy Moogan

Now into our third annual report, the State of Link Building Report continues to be the most comprehensive report on link building in the SEO industry. This year, we're able to share the collective thoughts and insights from 270 SEOs across agencies, in-house roles and freelancers.

The goal of the report is to give all SEOs insights into how their peers conduct link building, learn about approaches and compare their own activities. Whilst the SEO community is generally an open one, we feel that comparing your own work and approach against others is always useful as a benchmark.

This year, we narrowed down the questions a little, whilst adding a couple more that sought to learn about how journalist behaviours have changed over the last year, as well as trying to understand how long it actually takes to build links.

One interesting insight is that despite fewer in-house SEOs saying that they outsourced their link building compared to 2021, demand for link building is still remaining strong, as are budgets.

We are continuing to see content-led link building remain the most popular tactic across the board and this section attracted a lot of interesting comments from our expert contributors.

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