The State of Link Building Report 2022


Welcome to the State of Link Building 2021 Report from Aira.

Paddy Moogan

This is our second annual report and I’m pleased to be able to share the collective wisdom of over 250 professionals from the digital marketing industry, along with the insights from over 20 experts who took time to review the results and comment on them. Combined, we have a wealth of information available for you to look through and hopefully use to shape your plans and actions when it comes to link building.

This year, we added more questions to try and get more insights into the world of link building. Specifically, we asked our respondents for their views on how link building in relation to ecommerce websites, along with going much deeper on content-led link building which again, was the most popular tactic for building links.

Despite the turbulence that 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have thrown at us, all signs are that link building is alive and well as an SEO tactic and whilst still very competitive, it remains one of the most effective ways to grow organic traffic for an online business. This appeared to be the case whether link building was handled via agencies, freelancers, or kept in-house. In fact, only the minority of agencies and freelancers said that they’d seen demand for their services reduce over the last 12 months.

Looking ahead, the majority of people still feel confident that links will remain a strong signal that Google uses, even looking ten years into the future. Alongside this, many felt confident that their link building was effective at driving results which hopefully means that the future is bright for all link builders.

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