How Foster Fridge Achieved a 1780% Return on Ad Spend Using PPC

Quick overview

1780% Return on Ad Spend
73% Conversion Rate Increase

Quick overview

Paid Media

A significant increase in online orders

Targeting customers at the right time

Over 1780% return on ad spend

Driving sales via effective paid media wasn't driving online sales via paid media. This was due to the high average order value (AOV) of most of their products. This meant that the majority of customers bought over the phone or used their website chat to initiate the sale.
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Conversion Volume
Increase in conversion rate

The Approach

The Aira Paid Media team used a combination of techniques to drive more sales for This included pushing budget into high performing search keywords and ensuring that negative keywords were removed as much as possible, reducing wasted ad spend.

We also switched from manual to Smart Bidding, which allowed us to ensure we were present for the right users at the right times when they were most likely to be in the market to buy. A Dynamic Search Ad campaign was created to increase conversion volume by filling in the gaps in their keyword-based campaigns and capturing additional traffic.

The Challenge

With such a high average order value, it was rare for someone to click on an ad and then spend thousands of pounds straight away. This meant that generating sales via paid media had always been difficult. Our challenge was to find ways to meet buyers who were prepared to do this without increasing the overall ad spend.

The Results

In just one month, conversion value increased by 665% from £1,276.80 to £9,769.20 while conversions increased by 239.87%.’s ROAS was 1782%.

Knowledgeable and proactive, I’d certainly recommend Aira to any e-commerce business looking to use PPC to increase their ROAS and revenue.

Tim Taylor
Managing Director,

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