How Aira Helped Uswitch Up Their Share of Voice By 20% Using Link Building

Quick overview

20% increase in share of voice
200+ links built in 6 months

Quick overview

Content-led Link Building and Digital PR

Maintained a dominant position with a strong link-building strategy

Effective collaboration with the in-house Uswitch team

Strong focus on high quality and diverse links

Driving Share of Voice Through Scaled Link-Building

With Aira, Uswitch has managed to accelerate hitting their targets. In some campaigns, targets have been completely surpassed and fierce KPI goals have been hit consistently.
Links built in 8 months
Share of voice increase
Pieces of coverage secured

The Approach

The partnership between Uswitch and Aira got off to a great start. Bekah wasn’t used to dealing with agencies as efficient as Aira was. In the past, her dealings with other partners had been more ad hoc. To her delight, the contract and onboarding process was simple. Bekah wanted a unified strategy to be delivered across her team and agency partner, which would enable Uswitch to scale its link-building. She wanted her team to focus on an audience strategy, while Aira focused on growing Uswitch’s backlink profile—specifically new niche domains to increase value and search visibility.

Aira’s plan for success was streamlined. After carefully analysing competitor campaigns, keyword opportunities, and backlink profiles, Aira was able to use data and insights to create digital PR campaigns that would appeal to their primary audience across the energy, mobile, and broadband sectors. Aira’s link intersect analysis showed that there was a huge opportunity for Uswitch to secure new international linking domains.

The Challenge

When Bekah Edwards joined the RVU team, her main goal was to drive traffic to the website and increase their share of voice. But the problem she faced was that the marketing team was small and in the beginning stages of setup. Her team needed to increase content and in-house marketing activity while maintaining
a dominant position with a strong link-building strategy.

With the monumental responsibility of driving organic visibility across a diverse portfolio of brands, Bekah wanted to build out a new internal team. This team was to focus on increasing content marketing and in-house outreach activity, with the outside help of expert agencies to scale link-building.

She found Aira on LinkedIn and invited them to pitch for one of the other RVU brands— She quickly realised that Aira could add value to RVU’s more sizeable brands, too.

The Results

With Aira, Uswitch has managed to accelerate hitting their targets. In some campaigns, targets have been completely surpassed and fierce KPI goals have been hit consistently.

Aira has helped Uswitch uncover and tap into new niches and areas of focus. This got them noticed by relevant audiences and drove traffic to the site and increased their share of voice.

Through a combination of factors, like 200+ links built in 8 months and 350 pieces of coverage secured as a result, along with other internal initiatives, Uswitch’s share of voice within the energy space has gone up by 20% thanks to the combined efforts of both Aira and the in-house team. On top of that, 45% of the links secured have a domain rating of over 50, showing that quality is always at the forefront of the team’s mind.

In terms of the people, it’s people you work with day in, day out. Aira is easy to get along with. They don’t make you feel like you are just a client, you do have that personal relationship. We see them as an extension of our team.

Bekah Edwards
Content Marketing and Outreach Lead, Uswitch

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