Increasing Online Revenue and Website Engagement through Strategic Account Optimisations and AI

Quick overview

9.9% Conversion Rate Increase
2.6% Increase in Conversions

Quick overview

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UKCRBs have been a leading provider of criminal record checks to companies in the UK for over 25 years. A large percentage of their revenue comes from online DBS applications and they also profit from returning customers.
Increase in Conversion Rate
Reduction in CPA
More Conversion Volume

The Approach

Making the most of the budget and driving a good ROI was very important. We made the best use of budget by funnelling a large amount into high performing keywords whilst excluding negative keywords and reducing wasted clicks and ad spend.

Competitor keyword research and bidding allowed us to further expand our keyword targeting and capture more relevant traffic.

Through refining our keyword targeting, combined with ad copy testing and utilising responsive search ads, we were able to improve quality scores and reduce CPC. This led to an enhanced ability for the maximise conversions bidding strategy to bid on high intent traffic.

The Challenge

Our goal was to increase conversions whilst maintaining a high ROI and driving long-term value via customer registration. Our focus was to do this over a relatively short, three month period.

The Results

Over a three month period, we increased traffic by 140% and conversion rates increased by 9.9%. This led to a 164% increase in conversion volume and a reduction of 41% in cost per acquisition.

Overall, this led to over £23,000 in revenue from a spend of £15,000, including our own fees.

Another key result for UKCRBs was customer registrations because lifetime value is of huge importance. We were also able to influence this result by increasing website registrations by nearly 1,300%.

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