The Future of AI in Content Marketing


Welcome to the Future of AI in Content Marketing report, brought to you by Aira and Verblio

Matthew Kay

Growth & Strategy

John Rooney

Senior Marketing Manager

Chad Baudoin

VP of

Megan Skalbeck

Content Marketing Manager

Is artificial intelligence set to transform how we produce written content?

We wanted to find out what the industry thought about the rise of AI content tools, which is why we’ve launched the Future of AI in Content Marketing Report, in partnership with the on-demand content creation experts Verblio.

We spoke to over 150 digital marketers and content creators from across agencies and in-house roles, as well as freelancers, and asked them whether or not they currently use AI tools, if they think these tools negatively impact SEO, what the ethical challenges of AI might be, and much more. We also tested our survey respondents on whether they could identify the AI-written content from the human-written content.

We think the role of AI in content creation is going to be one of our industry’s most important questions in 2023, and as these technologies become more powerful it’s an issue that will only become more prominent. Things are moving quickly, too. Even in the weeks since conducting our survey, OpenAI released ChatGPT, an AI chat bot that's impressed with its ability to provide answers to complex questions. Had ChatGPT been released a couple of months earlier, would it have influenced the results of this survey? I guess we'll find out next year...

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