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‘PR Personality’: Do You Have to Be an Extrovert to Work in PR?

7 years ago

The increase in use of personality tests, such as Myer-Briggs, have brought more attention to the personality labels ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’, but what personality type is needed to work in PR?

Even though PR centres around relationship building, communicating and networking with different types of people, which undoubtedly requires a certain level of confidence, does this mean extroverts are the only personality type that will excel in PR?

Regardless of whether you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert, certain skills are required to work in PR and, as we’ll see, many of these are relevant to introverts.

Let’s explore the skills introverts tend to possess that benefit the PR industry:

Written communications


A vital skill needed to work in PR is not just verbal communication, but written communication too. Press releases, blog posts and emails to clients are just a few examples of the day to day writing tasks a digital PR professional has.

Introverts often prefer to put their thoughts into written words rather than vocally so writing can be a strong talent; use this to your PR team’s advantage.

Improve this skill:

If you feel like writing isn’t your strongest skill, there are tools available, such as the Hemmingway App, that identify where your writing and grammar could be improved.

Attention to detail


Introverts’ attention to detail and ability to focus are some of their most invaluable assets. Every PR professional’s worst nightmare is putting a big piece of content for a client live, and then realising there’s a spelling error.

In PR, being able to proofread and fact check is a necessity and this eye for the finer details generally comes more naturally to those with introverted personalities than extroverted ones.

Improve this skill:

A simple checklist can help improve this skill for those of us who tend to look at the overall picture instead of the details; have you checked spelling and grammar? Have you triple-checked facts? Has everyone who needs to approve the content before it goes live approved it?

Stay calm under pressure


No matter what your personality type, if you find yourself overwhelmed under pressure and this starts to affect your work, you might struggle in a PR career.

Whilst both extroverts and introverts can have this skill, introverts tend to exude a calm presence within organisations which can help radiate positive vibes around the office when stressful situations arise.

Improve this skill:

Limiting caffeine intake, getting plenty of sleep and focussing on your breathing when in a stressful situation can all help you remain calm under pressure.

Create valuable connections


Whilst introverts might find the prospect of mingling with industry folk unnerving, their preference for one-on-one conversations rather than in a large group can have a great advantage.

Improve this skill:

Focus on creating one or two meaningful connections instead of making your way around the room having short conversations with everyone. This will have positive consequences for your business; people are more inclined to do business with those they know and trust.



By all means, creativity isn’t determined by whether a person is introverted or extroverted, but introverts are certainly able to contribute significantly to brainstorming meetings.

Introverts like to put a lot of time and energy into creating good ideas which means you won’t just be getting ideas that are great in theory, you’ll be getting highly thought-through ideas that are feasible, realistic and ready to be brought to life.

Improve this skill:

We all experience creative block from time to time, so why not use tools such as Answer the Public for that extra boost of inspiration.

Having a mixture of extroverted and introverted personalities can create a well-balanced and highly successful PR team within your business or agency. Whilst the PR industry needs the public speakers and gregarious personalities, the thoughtful and more reflective personalities are equally as valuable.

A team that has a variety of personalities will profit your business as there will never be a lack of opinion or ideas; by working to manage both introverts and extroverts, your business has the potential to thrive.

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