Ecommerce and Link Building

For 2021, we wanted to dive deeper into the world of ecommerce link building. We asked in-house marketers whether they described the website they worked on as ecommerce and if they said yes, we showed them a series of ecommerce-specific questions.

Would you describe the website you work on as ecommerce?

For 2021, we also wanted to understand more about the state of link building for ecommerce marketers and respondents to say if they worked in ecommerce or not.

For the 21% of respondents who said they did, they were shown some additional questions specifically for ecommerce. Whilst a small sample size, we still felt that these results should be shared, but the small sample size should be kept in mind.

Working in ecommerce, what would you say are your biggest challenges when it comes to link building?

The biggest challenge faced by ecommerce marketers was scaling link building across a large number of products/categories. 69% of respondents marked this as a challenge, followed by 31% of respondents stating that getting topically relevant links and producing topically relevant content were the next biggest challenges.

For an ecommerce website, where do you most actively try to build links to?

We wanted to learn if ecommerce marketers actively tried to build links to certain areas of their website. The most popular responses, both with 38% of the votes were category pages and pages within a topic cluster.

No respondents indicated that they just cared about getting links to the domain as a whole, with no one marking this option.

Do you ever give away products as part of a link building strategy?

The majority of respondents (63%) said that they do not give away products as part of their link building strategy.

Do you find this to be an effective tactic in driving increases in organic rankings and traffic?

We then asked those who did give away products for link building purposes about the effectiveness of this tactic. Note that this question was asked to respondents regardless of the answer to the previous question to cover anyone who has used the tactic previously.

The majority (63%) of respondents said that it was an effective tactic for driving increases in organic rankings and traffic.