5 Actionable Ideas to Increase Website Leads

4 years ago

Once your website is up and running and getting lots of lovely traffic, the next sensible objective is to increase the amount of leads coming through, which in turn should hopefully lead to more customers. 

Formulating a lead generation plan is a prime way to do this - and once you have leads coming through, you’ll then be able to nurture all of these people who have already indicated they have an interest in your business and what you have to offer. Do that well and they will become customers!

So, how do you go about getting these all-important leads? We’re here to tell you just that. As you may know, at Aira we’re pretty keen on the inbound marketing methodology, and attracting qualified inbound leads is key in this process.

Follow our five top tips below to help increase website leads for your business:

1. Include contact forms across your website

Creating clear (above the fold, so your visitor’s eyes are directed exactly to them) and quick contact forms is the first step to gaining inbound leads. It’s important to understand that users do not take parting with their personal information lightly, so making sure your forms are asking for an appropriate amount of information is key. 

A name and email address should be adequate for the first round of interaction - and you should ensure that what you’re offering in return for these details is enticing enough - e.g. a special offer, dazzling piece of content etc. 

2. Create dedicated landing pages

Creating dedicated landing pages is super important. Landing pages should contain the information that your visitors are looking for in an easy to digest manner, along with the all-important contact form as mentioned above. 

Think of landing pages as a gateway into your website. It should target a particular audience, e.g. visitors who click on a Google Ad promoting a campaign, searching for specific information. The content therefore needs to be relevant to what the visitor has clicked on and is expecting to find out more about, otherwise they will bounce straight back off your site.

3. Speak to customers via live chat

Live chat is a great way to help generate leads as it offers a chance to interact via dialogue with people who may not wish to call you, but are still after information on your business or product. 

Live chat boosts customer engagement and helps develop trust with customers, as they can speak directly to you to help solve their problem quickly - making them more likely to sign up to receive information from you in the future.

4. Set up exit offers

More often than not, people will need a trigger to encourage and entice them to leave their details with you. Exit offers are a commonly-used way to get these. The technology tracks the movement of the user’s cursor, so that when they move to exit your website, a special offer pops up, which in theory should entice them to stay, e.g. ‘Sign up to receive free shipping with your order’. 

They can be obtrusive though, and it’s important to remember that these offers should be seen as a last resort - the content on your website should be the main factor and engaging enough to encourage users to sign up to your newsletter/content offer/etc.

5. Test, test, and test again

The bottom line on this is to continually test the methods above. The number of leads you’re receiving is a conversion metric like any other, so it’s important to work out which tactics are working for you, and which could need adjustments to improve results. 

For example, if your form is not getting many submissions, try amending the wording or the entry requirements. Similarly, if your live chat is not getting much traction, consider where it’s placed on your website - is it on the right pages? 

So there you have it, our actionable ideas, which should help you increase website leads. As you will probably know by now, change doesn’t happen overnight, but by embracing the above efforts, over the course of time you should see an increase in the number of leads, which should convert to more customers, revenue and business growth.


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