How HubSpot’s LinkedIn Ads Integration is a Game-Changer for B2B Marketing

5 years ago

In mid-February, HubSpot quietly rolled out one of (in my opinion) the most game-changing B2B marketing features - a LinkedIn ads integration.

Online advertising, whilst an important part of most digital strategies, has its limitations for businesses, namely, not always being able to see whether the ads are generating revenue or ROI. It should therefore be welcome news for marketers to hear that HubSpot can now be integrated with LinkedIn ads.

This is the latest in a long history of cooperations between HubSpot and the main social media platforms and it promises to enhance the way you analyse the performance of your LinkedIn advertising efforts. HubSpot’s LinkedIn ads integration aims to give better insights into the ads' performance whilst also centralising your business’ marketing campaigns for a clearer and more consistent message.

How does the integration work?

HubSpot will allow you to sync with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, pulling any leads into HubSpot. This puts all your marketing needs in one place, making it easier to manage and deliver:

The integration pulls in relevant information from the lead gen ad such as first name, last name, company name and job title.

If you’re using HubSpot’s CRM and deal board, you can then benefit from their reporting, which will enable you to see what effect the ad is having on your bottom line, which ads are performing better than others and whether your LinkedIn campaigns are not just generating clicks and downloads - but actually helping convert those leads into customers. As well as this, you will be able to create target audiences from the CRM and easily sync the information with LinkedIn. It also add more weight to HubSpot in the HubSpot vs Salesforce debate as it now matches a feature Salesforce has had for a while now.

Once you’ve generated a few leads, you’ll start getting the below information:

The above is a screenshot from our own account showing that we’ve been generated 41 contacts for £17.81 per contact. Currently, there are no deals (sales enquiries) associated with this yet but the ads were for MKGO - our digital marketing event - so we’re not expecting any deals or enquiries just yet!

The cost per lead is perhaps a touch higher than we’re happy with, but at least we know whether these ads will ever actually convert into a customer or not.

You can also use the integration to help build out your audiences or install the LinkedIn tracking pixel on your site. If you’re already running LinkedIn Ads you probably already have the pixel installed, but if you don’t you can use HubSpot to load the pixel for you.

You can read more on both of the above options below:

Existing integrations

The LinkedIn feature adds to already excellent integrations with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Being able to track from a user clicking on an advert, through to submitting a form on a website or through a lead generation ad, and then finally becoming a customer or not is invaluable to businesses and should really start helping marketing and sales teams ‘close-the-loop’ on their joint efforts.

Key features

  • Create target audiences from any given Hubspot CRM data point
  • Sync data between HubSpot and LinkedIn
  • Keep track of the ad’s effect on revenue
  • Automatically get all LinkedIn leads to your HubSpot
  • Centralise your marketing campaigns in HubSpot

The future

We’ll be testing this out over the coming months with more ‘bottom-of-funnel’ content and I hope to be able to report back that we’ve been able to convert a customer or two from it. Watch this space!

At Aira we are a HubSpot Platinum Partner agency and LinkedIn ads agency so feel free to get in touch for a chat about how the platform might help your LinkedIn advertising, and other areas of your digital marketing. 

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