The Biggest Search Stories of 2023 (And What In-House Marketers Need to Know About Them)

5 months ago

A lot happened in search during 2023 and frankly, it has been hard to keep up with the pace of developments surrounding AI. In the video below, I've picked out some of the biggest stories of the year and more importantly, shared some view and what they may mean for the future.

If you're an in-house marketer and currently planning your performance marketing activities for 2024, take a look because there are a bunch of trends and ideas to be at least thinking about. If you're interested in agency support, go grab a copy of our credentials deck here and see why we were recently awarded Large SEO Agency of the Year at the UK Search Awards.

And here are the links mentioned in the video if you'd like to read more:

  1. Google introduced Search Generative Experience
  2. Performance Max added generative AI tools
  3. Google tested mixing paid and organic results
  4. Google now requires election Ads to disclose synthetic/AI content
  5. The VP of Google Ads stepped down
  6. The U.S. Department of Justice gave us a peek at how rankings work
  7. Google changed how they treat ranking for pages with video
  8. We saw a Helpful Content Update
  9. Google changed their stance on the production of content generated with AI
  10. And four Google Core Updates
  11. Google Analytics 4 was released
  12. And finally, SEOs ruined the internet. Apparently.

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